Charity and Fundraising Opportunities

Helping Our Community

About Our Program

Jimmy suds Car Wash takes pride in helping local organizations achieve fundraising objectives within their communities. Our solution is easy, fast, and rewarding. Your organization collects HALF of ALL PROFITS of car washes sold as a result of the event, with no minimum order requirements!

Our program is ideal for churches, schools or organizations of any size and is available all year round. We look forward to partnering with you in achieving your fundraising goals by doing what we love; giving your participants a sparkling clean vehicle!

Helping you to help others

How does your Organization Benefit?

  • You get the option of offering various wash packages to your clients!
  • Raise money quickly and efficiently!
  • Team up with a locally owned business to achieve goals within our community!
  • Provide vouchers for car washes that anyone can use!
  • Sell a desirable service that everybody wants and loves!
  • Get an amazing return on your investment with minimal paperwork!
EXAMPLE: selling a $6 box of cookies MIGHT EARN your organization $1, whereas selling a $20 car wash WILL EARN your organization $10!

Starting Your Charity or Fundraising Event

How It Works

The following steps will help you and guide you to decide what’s better for you ad your organization when scheduling your event with us.


Register Online


Customize your Charity and Fundraising page as much or as little as you want


Sell tickets. Mix and Match methods for maximum profits

Order Online

  • Easy, quick, no hassle for the chairperson
  • Share link to your fundraiser’s custom page
  • Friends and family can order tickets and pay online
  • Tickets are emailed and can be used immediately
  • Get paid when your campaign is over

Order Form

  • Traditional Fundraising Technique
  • Group collects orders and full price payments
  • Chairperson places order for group
  • Pickup order and pay half of the collected amount
  • Distribute tickets to group; keep proceeds as profit

Let’s get you started

Fundraising and Charity Request Form

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